One of the best ways to accelerate economic growth is the ability to stay afloat in the open market by importing goods that are in high demand. TM Dugar Group has been importing products in Nepal for more than 40 years and is the pioneers to start import business in Nepal. During this period of 40 years group has established many innovative ideas of marketing that has helped it's product to reach directly to the retailers and most importantly it has helped the group to build tremendous business relation with retailers. At present the group has a big force of sales executives who regularly visit them in various parts of the country to improve sales and availability of its products.

TM Dugar Group imports various products in bulk in ship load basis like fertilizers (Urea, DAP, Ammonium Sulphate) oil seeds, chick peas, yellow peas, green peas, edible soyabean oil, sunflower oil, palm olein oil. TM Dugar Group is the first company in Nepal to import Rapeseed (Canola) in full ship load basis of its own from Denmark, France and CIS countries. Still today group is importing the same.

TM Dugar Group is also one of private sector importer of fertilizer in Nepal importing Urea, DAP and Ammonium Sulphate from various countries under group's own brand name TRACTOR which is very popular amongst Nepalese farmers and command's great faith from them.

TM Dugar Group is importing various general commodities like Educational materials, Cast Iron Padlocks, Hardware Goods, Confectioneries, Gas Lighters, Toilet Soap , Ceramics, Automotive spare parts from around the world.

The group exclusively represents following companies in Nepal.